Pain Oil – 5ml (Pack of 6)

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Headache is a very common occurrence as well as a reason for work or institution absenteeism. Pain balm or oil comes in handy on such occasions. GREEN MILK PAIN OIL is a herbally enriched formula for subsisting colds & headaches.

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Headache is an affliction wherein the head goes through a period of pressing pain. This is no trivial matter though when it is one of the highly brought up reasons for work absenteeism. Headaches are of different types based on the origin conditions.

Whatever the kind of pain surging in your head, you may surpass it with a pin balm or oil in hand that is a designated fast-absorption formula for instant relief from the pain.

These formulae usually comprise a basic set of herbal ingredients such as menthol and camphor, prominent picks for this purpose considering their solid effect in rectifying painful situations.

GREEN MILK PAIN OIL an instant headache relief product is upgraded pain oil in the respect of its enhanced ayurvedic formula carrying several vigorous herbs as,

Peppermint Satva: its effervescence alongside the rosamarinic acid in it turns down the body’s histamine reaction thus keeping the symptoms of cold at bay and heightening the mental alertness of one.

Karpura: a given in putting up a strong fight against cold and cough. It gives you a break from throat congestion. It takes on hypersecretion of sputum in the airways and lungs that will end in reduced nasal congestion.

Gandhapura Thaila: its chemical makeup brings it close to aspirin that is why this oil can compete just as effectively as aspirin in the respect of pain-killing action. Undoubtedly a tackler of pain at the highest level making it the only ever substance powerful as aspirin for the same purpose.

Tailaparna Oil: it carries a compound termed cineole or eucalyptol that contributes to boosting respiratory health to prevent cough. Makes for a good ayurvedic remedy for the cold.

Yavanisatva: is a herb that duals as an anti-tussive agent and bronchodilator. Whilst the anti-tussive as in anti-cough property brings down the cough, the bronchodilator makes the dilation of airways possible.

Lavanga Taila: a proven ayurvedic remedy for cold in the form of a spice exhibiting numerous health benefits like anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant & immunity booster. A well-established expectorant as well for making the cold go away.

Devadharu: expectorant that ejects the mucus and relieves cough. It also handles the fever by bringing about perspiration which is characteristic of a diaphoretic substance like this one.

Jathipala: stocked with the anti-inflammatory property it defeats pain so and treats you to instant headache relief.

Top-notch herbal recommendation for subsisting a cold or the consequent headache. Get over the unpleasing conditions of rhinorrhea (running nose), catarrh (stuffy nose) or acute coryza (common cold) by administering GREEN MILK PAIN OIL on applicable spots.


  • A portable rollon pain oil for headache and cold.
  • A herbal innovation in pain oil formulation.
  • It eases out blocked nose and chest or throat congestion.

How To Use

Roll the bottle over pain points on head, around nose and the back of the ears. Keep using continually for transparent results.


Consult your healthcare provider if the affliction prolongs.


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