Psorapex Gel

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To a better skin with the benefits of Ayurveda – Freedom from Itchy Skin

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Conditions like psoriasis and eczema are painful on the skin while restricting activity in your daily life. Psorapex is an exclusive Ayurvedic gel that aids in reducing the harmful effects of psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin rashes. With soothing and healing properties, get a better skin with no side effects.


Heal from Psoriasis: This painful skin condition can be easily handled with Psorapex. The herbal and Ayurvedic Medicinal herbs ensure that it soothes patches and reduces the cracking and bleeding of dry skin.

Freedom from Eczema and Itchy Skin: Dry and itchy skin can become red and inflamed with oozing or crusting in the condition of eczema, eliminate these symptoms and enjoy a better skin with Psorapex Gel

Ayuvedic Gel: The cooling Ayurvedic herbal gel, is filled with the benefits of herbs like Indrayava, Nili, Bakuci, Madhusnuhi, Upkumcika which makes it purely safe to apply on your skin.


Indrayava, Nili, Bakuchi, Madhusunhi, Upkumcika, & Eranda.

Directions for use

Apply Psorapex 2 times a day:

In Morning – Apply & expose the area to sunlight.
At Night – Apply before going to bed.

4 reviews for Psorapex Gel

  1. Dr.Ajay Raj

    Good and effective for the dry itchy skin conditions. Good product for skin health with no side effects

  2. Aruljothi.R

    Best for Psoriasis, Eczema, Scalp & itchy skin

  3. Brajesh Mishra

    Best product

  4. A Abhishek Naik

    It’s really a good product for dry skin.

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