Neem & Tulsi Handcrafted Bathing Bar

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Neem and Tulsi are well known for their antibacterial and healing properties. Neem and Tulsi protect your skin in all types of weather conditions. This antiseptic soap also gives out a natural fragrance helping you prevent body odors. In addition, neem works on cleansing your pores deeply from harmful bacteria that may cause blemishes, skin tags, or acne. Neem and Tulsi is the way to your dream skin.

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Do you wake up with vivid dreams about having acne pores all over your cheeks? - you are not alone. Acne has no age restriction, and adults can develop it into their 50s.

Neem:  You must have seen neem trees lined up in the streets of India. It is primarily because neem leaves are traditionally used as a natural remedy for skin ailments such as rashes, insect bites, and acne.

Tulsi: Tulsi is called the queen of herbs for its various therapeutic applications, including skin care. Tulsi is an antiseptic and disinfectant that protects against infections.

Anti-bacterial: This neem and tulsi soap is suitable for all skin types. This soap profoundly cleanses the skin leaving it less prone to infection and acne.

Double-action of Neem and Tulsi: Neem, when combined with Tulsi, becomes a powerful Ayurvedic medicinal herb that is non-toxic and chemically unaltered. Beauty comes when you defend the skin from pollutants.

Antiseptic with long-term benefits to the skin: The ayurvedic neem soap protects the skin from any irritants or infections entering through cuts or pores, resulting in softer, smoother, and healthier skin for a long time.

GMC Neem & Tulsi Handcrafted Bathing Bar hydrates the skin, works up a fluffy lather, and is the best soap for body odor removal with a great natural fragrance. 

We only use herbal extracts in our products, and no animal is harmed in developing this product. 

GMC products are certified for good manufacturing practices by GMP and are paraben free.


  • Anti-bacterial
  • Antiseptic
  • Ayurvedic and herbal

24 reviews for Neem & Tulsi Handcrafted Bathing Bar

  1. Jageshwar

    I have been using green milk soaps for a long time, it is very good for the skin. I liked this soap. 🌸

  2. karthika

    Have tried a lot of popular soaps and many of them are good. But GreenMilk is my current favorite. In a tropical country like ours, particularly in summers, some of us start getting sweaty the moment we step out of the shower. But GreenMilk surprisingly keeps smelly sweat at bay for atleast 6 solid hours. If you are using this soap, you can say bye bye to deo. I say ‘surprisingly’ because I had initially bought it for acne which is under control too. Must give it a try.

  3. Bose

    One of the best Ayurvedic Soaps in India. This soap is very useful to maintain good skin. The neem extracts in this soap plays an anti-bacterial. Also helps to maintain a natural complexion. I will definitely recommend this soap. This should be part of every family.

  4. Raaji

    One of the very best Ayurvedic Soaps

  5. Jancy

    It’s one of our regular herbal medicated trusted brands. Good soap during monsoons when viral infections and other infections are high or after a long sweaty day.

  6. Akshya

    I personally using green milk soap’s for a long time. I like it’s fragrance very much.
    Good package and value for money…

  7. preegitha

    I love the scent and the quality of the soap so smooth and lovely effects on the skin. It is so much powerful than other soap as it has high-quality ingredients in it enriched with neem and tulsi. The cost of the soap is also not so high

  8. Joshna dhamodharan

    This is one of the best soaps available in the market. This is one of its kind handmade soap. You feel fresh and the fragrance is amazing. The product was delivered on time even in these lockdown conditions. Good work.

  9. Ramya

    I have tried a lot of the soaps but now only using this as it keeps skin healthy. I used to get irritation on skin before… after using this soap no irritation at all….the soap is made with good oils which are good for the skin

  10. Jeni

    Good. It is a handmade soap made with all natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals as the contents on the box says. It definitely makes your skin soft. The smell is good but very strong.

  11. Elavarasi priyadharshini

    Good, I like it😍😍

  12. Santhya

    feeling fresh good soap, Blindly purchase and use and see the results are near to your expectations, I’m always using this product

  13. kirthu

    Nice fragrance and best hand made herbal soap. worth for money

  14. Swathy devi

    Speechless Product as for my opinion. Fragrance.. Foamy.. Everything is excellent

  15. Harshini

    Helps in reducing my skin rashes and acne. Good and value for money

  16. Achu

    This ayurvedic soap not so popular it is good for the skin. Best for summer. must try once

  17. Anika

    It keeps fresh.. N this soap doesn’t make my skin dry..✌️😍

  18. Madhuri

    Very nice fragrance and value for money… worth buy

  19. Nandini

    Original Ayurvedic product real value for money

  20. Vidya

    Best soap in the market love the smell and quality best in class product

  21. pooja

    Wonderful soap for daily use. Natural ingredients. Good lather. Keeps skin healthy.

  22. Devika

    Very good product

  23. Shreenika

    Good soap for skin problems

  24. Ashraf Shaik

    The main advantage soap is that It will not make skin dry… unlike other herbal soap…contains natural moisturizer neem and tulsi

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