Green Milk Bestlin – 50 ml (Pack of 2)

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Muscle fatigue or paining joints are commonly observed irregularities in our health. It is surmountable through the aid of a competent product that is safe too. BESTLIN is the best ayurvedic formulation to fight off a sudden cramp or sprain, should you face one while at work.

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Observing muscle cramps at work due to long hours of sitting in on a chair before a monitor is quite a common medical problem amongst middle-aged people. Followed by neck pain arising from factors related to sleeping posture, physical strain and stress.

Cervicalgia, colloquially called neck pain; or Sciatica which will be the pain throughout the leg; there is medical support for the same through oral or topical medication. BESTLIN OIL is prepared from several rejuvenating herbs to overthrow the incurred pain. A helpful oil for neck pain derived by combining the ayurvedic goodness of

Mahanarayana Thailam: an indigenous formulation working its way through even the toughest of conditions inducing pain in bone or muscle. Thus making it a reliable accompaniment in pain management of any form of arthritis or muscle disorder.

Kottam Chukkadhi Thailam: an ayurvedic amalgamation administered to reverse the pain inflicted by a neck sprain.  It dislodges the numbness or stiffness fixated in joints as a result of neurological disorders. It succeeds as a contributor of the best ayurvedic oil for neck pain.

Deodar Oil: it helps joints deswell the impact left by the condition of osteoarthritis. By supporting the joints get out of the ill effects (pain, swelling and immobility) resulting from osteoarthritis, it becomes an unavoidable resource in care for the said condition.

Gandhapura Thailam: it works at a fundamental level in bone strengthening to skip through any conditions that shall lead to osteoporosis, arthritis, spondylosis or similar disorders. It is also incorporated in the care for dislocation or fracture of joints.

Nilagiri Thailam: the likes of an analgesic embedded in its profile, subdues the pain arising from arthritis. It also runs to the aid of a body afflicted with a bruise or an ache from its back.

Tarpain Thailam: a definite analgesic for cases of muscle sprain or spasm whilst it tones up the muscle during the same period as relief is underway. Another highlight of it is, its higher ability to penetrate through the skin in comparison with oils.

Mash Thailam: a topical ayurvedic formulation administered in cases of muscular disorder segment. The segment comprises a range of disorders:  sciatica, rheumatic arthritis, cold shoulder, facial palsy, tremors, tinnitus and muscle wasting.

Karpoor: a counter-irritant by nature that executes numbness of sensory nerve endings of skin that will lead to a reduction in pain and swelling of the joints, absence of redness too.

A much recommended ayurvedic oil for neck pain by its distinct herbal quantity. Known to render a service of palliative care for any mishap of the muscle or a jarred joint. BESTLIN is the best oil for neck pain from fatigue at work or on the go.


  • It helps ease the muscle back to its original form.
  • It provides adequate strength to bones & muscles to overcome the pain.
  • It is a straightforward herbal product.

How To Use

Take a sufficient quantity of oil in hand and rub it over muscular or musculoskeletal regions inducing pain. Keep massaging over the same area until the oil has drained down into the skin.  Use on twice a day for 3 weeks.


Consult your health provider if your pain is not rectified after an extended period of usage.

1 review for Green Milk Bestlin – 50 ml (Pack of 2)

  1. savitha

    An awesome oil relief to cure knee joint pains ! I have never found any oil like this i applied on my knees its permanently remove my knee joint pains. Thanks for buying this from greenmilk concepts has given me permanent relief from such pains – May God Bless the manufacturers who made this bestlin oil.

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