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Throw away Thyroid issues with TFN- 34

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This herbal thyroid care from Green Milk Concepts is the safe and sure way to beat the effects of Thyroid. Tiredness, weight gain and symptoms like mood swings hamper your daily life when you have Thyroid issues. TFN – 34 becomes your partner to live a life free of these symptoms.


  • Treats Thyroid Dysfunctions:  The Ayurvedic Herbal medicines in the formula are effective in working against the thyroid hormones and regulating them giving you better health while eradicating its symptoms.
  • Treats Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism: The thyroid glands hamper the body’s metabolism when it does not produce enough or produces too much of the hormone. TFN- 34 works like a catalyst that regulates this production.
  • Herbal and Natural : With no side effects on long term use, TFN – 34 has a unique herbal combination of Ayurvedic medicines like Kanchanar, Guggul, Ashvagandha, Varuna, Brahmi and many other herbs.


Kanchanara, Guggul, Triphala-Fr. , Trikatu-Fr. & Rz. , Varuna, Asvagandha, Brahmi, Tvak, Dasamool-Rt. , Khadira,  Satavari, Twak patra.


2 tablets twice daily or as directed by the physician.

3 reviews for TFN-34

  1. Radha

    I bought TFN-34 three months ago, it’s an effective product. I have had hypothyroidism for the past 16 yrs. TFN-34 has helped increase my thyroid hormone levels and energy levels. Earlier always felt low on energy. Now feeling better. have ordered it again.

  2. Rohit

    My doctor prescribed this tablet TFN34. It helps to suppress the thyroid hormones. As the ingredients are sourced from nature. I didn’t have any side effects. It also reduced the symptoms of my hyperthyroidism. I feel a lot more energetic. Thanks to my doctor for suggesting this fantastic product.

  3. Sai Mishra

    My daughter suffered from a thyroid disorder. We worried a lot about seeing her suffering from thyroid symptoms. Our doctor prescribed to take tfn34. Took it regularly as the physician-guided. She is recovering and feeling energized.

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