Green Milk Ayurvedic Fast Relief Pain Balm (Pack of 5)

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Herbally enriched with the goodness of Menthol, Camphor, Eucalyptus Oil, and other essential herbs for your Pain Relief. This Ayurvedic Formula helps with instant Muscle and Joint pain relief without any side effects.
Available in 10 gm. 
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Joint pain can be caused by a wide range of conditions, including inflammation, injury, and degenerative diseases. The common symptom of inflammation is pain.  

Some common causes of joint pain include: 

  1. Arthritis: Arthritis is a common cause of joint pain and inflammation. There are several different types of arthritis, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout.
  2. Bursitis: Bursitis is an inflammation of the bursae, which are small fluid-filled sacs that cushion the bones, tendons, and muscles near your joints.
  3. Tendinitis: Tendinitis is an inflammation of the tendons, which are the strong fibrous cords that attach muscles to bones.
  4. Sprains and strains: These are common injuries that can cause joint pain and swelling.
  5. Fractures: Fractures, or broken bones, can cause joint pain and swelling. 


  1. Mentha Sp
  2. Cinnamomum Comphora
  3. Gaultheria Fragrantissima
  4. Eucalyptus Globulus
  5. Trachyspermum Ammi & Thymus Vulgaris Volatile Oil
  6. Syzygium Aromaticum
  7. Cedrus Deodara
  8. Myristica Fragrans
  9. Mentha Spicata
  10. Piper Nigrum 


  1. Menthol provides a cooling sensation which helps relieve pain in the tissues underneath the skin.
  2. Relieves pain, Itching and Irritation.
  3. Helps relieve muscular-skeletal pain, both from sports injuries and arthritis.
  4. Anti-inflammatory properties in Eucalyptus help to ease joint and muscle pains.
  5. Helps to reduce the appearance of redness, pigmentation and puffiness in the infected area.
  6. It can provide aid to several muscle issues and is used to treat inflammatory conditions like Arthritis and Muscle pain.
  7. Lavender oil naturally reduces inflammation, lessens pain, and cleans the surface of the skin. 

How to Use

Apply the required amount on the skin portion. Massage gently until the product is fully absorbed.   
Storage Directions: Store at a Cool, Dark & Dry place.   
Precautions: For External use only  

14 reviews for Green Milk Ayurvedic Fast Relief Pain Balm (Pack of 5)

  1. Arun

    Would like to order again. Good one

  2. pankaj

    It’s a good option for relief. Smell is also good.

  3. Sudha


  4. Ajay solanki

    Good product

  5. Nani seethala


  6. Puneet

    Effective and economy

  7. Rayees

    I use for head ache and body ache.

  8. Saran

    It’s smell and action are great and quick

  9. Buyer


  10. Nagababu


  11. Pichai

    Works as described. Go for it.

  12. Sunil

    Very useful

  13. vamadeva

    Very good product

  14. Anbu

    It’s strong n helps with easy breathing.

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