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Boost your immunity and enjoy the energy burst with 4Blud Syrup.

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This natural Immunity booster and blood purifier 4BludSyrup is a unique mix of Ayurvedic ingredients to give your body and blood the strength to fight common conditions like cold and flu. The syrup is full of essential herbs that increase Haemoglobin levels, protecting you from conditions like anemia.


  • Blood Purifier – 4Blud Syrup has blood cleansing properties and eliminates toxins that are stored in your body through the food you consume, environmental pollutants, stress and various other factors.
  • Improves Immunity – The natural Ayurvedic ingredients give your body the much needed immunity boost. The syrup aids the cells that promote immunity to circulate more rapidly in the blood stream killing bacteria and viruses that cause disease and infection.
  • Revitalizes – Most importantly, 4Blud Syrup revitalizes your body in many ways due to its property of increasing Haemoglobin levels in the body.


Seva, Punarnava, Asvagandha, Yestimadhu, Amalaki,, Bibhitaki, & Kasisaka Suddha.


5 ml to 10 ml two times a day or as directed by the physician.

2 reviews for 4Blud Syrup

  1. Yasodha

    Excellent and Effective medicine to improve hemoglobin levels. Recovery from anemia is faster. Feeling good from inside too. Great Syrup.

  2. Vinitha Sivaram

    Definitely recommend to increase iron levels in the body. Recovery is quick in a few months time.

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