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CofAyur is a fast-acting Ayurvedic Cough formula that provides quick and sustained relief from cough. This Ayurvedic cough syrup effectively relieves various cough types such as cough from the common cold, allergic rhinitis, smoking cough, and mild-to-moderate asthma.


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A cough is always annoying; unfortunately, a common cough has assumed alarming proportions during the pandemic, even creating panic among the public. 

When some particle gets stuck and irritates the airways, the brain receives an alert message to push them out immediately. The brain instructs the chest and abdominal muscles to push air out to force the particle from the respiratory tract, leading to a cough. Prolonged, vigorous coughing can irritate and cause severe damage to the lungs.

CofAyur Ayurvedic cough syrup expels the phlegm and works as a bronchodilator freeing up the respiratory tract, thus enabling better air circulation. In addition, it helps ease cough and other conditions involving the retention of viscid and tenacious mucoid secretion.

Ayurvedic ingredients such as Tulasi, Kantakari, Vasa, Rasna, PippaIi, Kanchanara, Padmaka, Sunthi, Vajradhanti, Brahmi, and Talisa in CofAyur make it the best herbal cough syrup that you can buy online.

Herbs such as Tulasi, kantakari, and vasa have been used for centuries to manage respiratory problems and cough due to their expectorant properties.

GMC CofAyur cough syrup provides effective relief from sore throat and tonsilitis. In addition, this product fights symptoms of allergic rhinitis and bronchitis. It is safe to use for people of age groups.

We only use herbal extracts in all our products to ensure uniform goodness in each mg/mL of the medicine.

Products from Green Milk Concepts are free of toxic chemicals, cruelty-free, and certified by GMP for good manufacturing practices.  Buy now.


  • This syrup provides fast action on chronic cough and is highly effective.
  • Fights symptoms of allergic rhinitis and bronchitis
  • Safe for patients of all age groups
  • Provides good relief from sore throat and tonsillitis
  • Tulasi, Brahmi, Pippali, and many other Ayurvedic herbs added to this formulation relieve throat irritation and soreness.


Tulasi, Kantakari, Vasa, Rasna, PippaIi, Kanchanara, Padmaka, Sunthi, Vajradhanti, Brahmi, & Tailsa.


10 ml three to four times daily or as directed by the physician


2 reviews for CofAyur (Pack of 2)

  1. Mrugesh k prajapati


  2. Yasine (verified owner)

    Works really well for my 4 year old kid. This doesn’t magically stop the cough (temporarily), but does work welll in a longer run with one full dosage

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