Turmeric lepam – 30 gm

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Green Milk Turmeric Lepam is the epitome of purity, crafted with the finest extracts of Turmeric, a revered herb in Ayurveda renowned for its exceptional ability to combat various skin ailments, notably acne. Enriched with the power of Curcumin, this Turmeric lepam excels in treating acne-prone skin. For those with acne-prone skin, our product stands as the ultimate solution to prevent pimples and acne. Embrace the goodness of nature and experience the radiant transformation of your skin with our best-in-class Turmeric lepam. Add To Cart Now!

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Green Milk Turmeric Lepam, a remarkable blend of Turmeric and Maricha, is revered for its supreme hygiene and potent medicinal properties. Turmeric has the potential for brightening, anti-septic, and antibacterial benefits.

In this unique formulation, we have harnessed the synergistic effects of Turmeric and Maricha to create a potent solution for acne-prone skin. This extraordinary lepam aids in preventing premature aging, wrinkles, dark spots, pimples, and acne, allowing you to embrace your skin's natural radiance.

Ayurveda extols the virtues of Maricha, renowned for its ability to soothe redness and rashes, making it an ideal addition to this Ayurvedic remedy. Combining antioxidants, anti-inflammatory components, and the goodness of Curcuma longa, this herbal lepam ensures a safe and natural treatment for your skin.

Turmeric effectively targets pores and calms the skin to combat acne. Stress-induced acne flare-ups, allowing you to get a clear and revitalized complexion.

The natural goodness of our Turmeric safeguards your skin against various types of acne.


  • Acne Prevention: Turmeric has shown potential in preventing acne breakouts on acne-prone skin, keeping it clearer and blemish-free.
  • Antioxidant Power: Packed with antioxidants, Turmeric helps protect the skin from harmful free radicals, supporting a youthful and radiant complexion.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties: The anti-inflammatory properties of Turmeric help soothe and calm irritated skin, reducing redness and promoting a healthier appearance.
  • Radiant Glow: By using Turmeric, your skin gains a natural shine and gloss, imparting a vibrant and refreshed look.
  • Healthy Complexion: Incorporating Turmeric into your skincare routine can contribute to maintaining a healthy and revitalised complexion, adding to your overall skin wellness.
  • Nighttime is perfect for your skin to heal and rejuvenate itself from the day’s stressors. Our Lepam collection ensures you wake up to a refreshed, revitalized, and glowing complexion every morning.

Direction for Use

  • Massage lightly into the targeted area.
  • Allow it to sink into the skin for a few minutes.
  • For best results, avoid washing or wiping for at least a couple of hours.
  • Use at least 1hr before the bedtime

Who can use:

Men and Women of Age 12 and Above.

Skin Type Recommendations:

Suitable for all skin types 


Greenmilk lepam is not specifically formulated to treat acne or eczema. While it may offer some skincare benefits, it's essential to consult a dermatologist for specific skin condition treatments.

The recommended usage frequency may vary depending on the product and its intended use. Always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for the best results.

Greenmilk lepam products may have different ethical and environmental practices. Look for certifications or labels indicating cruelty-free and eco-friendly practices to ensure your preferred product aligns with your values.

The specific ingredients in green milk lepam can vary from product to product. Kumkumadi Lepam has Kumkumadi Thailam& Satapatrika, Turmeric Lepam has Haridra& Maricha and Vanila F lepam has Maricha,Manjista & Draksha.Check the product label or consult the brand's website for a detailed ingredient list and their benefits.

1 review for Turmeric lepam – 30 gm

  1. Versha (verified owner)

    This product change my mind in just 1st use this are absolutely good for skin before using I thinking they are sticky but after using it and those result showing on my face I’m loving that product seriously it’s totally change skin texture as like facial glow pimples has not all reducing but little bit and over all loving it . becoz of it’s stickyness sometime think can’t be used but I’m recommend atleast once try it and see that glow seriously it’s osm.

    • Green Milk

      Hello Versha,

      We’re delighted to hear about your recent experience with us and we’re so pleased that you recommend our Turmeric lepam. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and we look forward to welcoming you back soon!

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