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A robust digestive system supplements a great immune defence. Kalmegh tablets encourage metabolic activity and help you reap the benefits of a healthy digestive system. Kalmegh is also good for liver ailments. Buy Kalmegh online.

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The body gets appropriate nutrition only when your digestive system functions well. A healthy immune system dramatically affects how your body processes and reacts to food. The proper absorption of vitamins and minerals is essential to boost your immune system. It allows you to fight bacterial and viral infections and helps you to take total control of your body.  

Kalmegh is used as a wonder drug in tribal medicine, Siddha, and Ayurveda and has the following benefits:

Anti-Viral: The anti-viral properties of Kalmegh tablets ensure that your immune system stays robust to take on the viruses.

Ayurvedic: Kalmegh is an Ayurvedic medicine sourced 100% from nature and is safe to consume.

Immune Boosting: Kalmegh works as a natural immune booster and enhances our immune system’s ability to fight infectious diseases effectively.  

Eases Digestion: Kalmegh tablets from Green Milk Concepts contain the extracts of Aushadh Ghana and ease digestion with their laxative properties.


  • Anti-viral
  • Boosts immunity
  • Helps digestion


Tablet: 1-2 tablets twice daily or as directed by the physician.

3 reviews for Kalmegh Tablets

  1. Arjun

    It’s an excellent product…My father had a continuous fever for 1 week even taken paracetamol. But after taking the kalmegh tablet immediately got the cure and become normal. It’s an excellent product in a viral pandemic.

  2. Goutam Sahan

    Good product, frequently I suffered from viral fever so my doctor advised me to take Kalmegh / Nilavembu. For a month, I used Nilavembu Drink but could not consume the drink every time. So, I found the Green Milk Kalmegh capsule. It is easy to consume and also improves immunity.

  3. Abhi

    I am taking this from one week twice a day. Nilavembu tablet not only to build immunity but also to get relief from various viral, and bacterial problems. I am very happy that it Unexpectedly cured my digestion issues. It’s safe and easy to consume.

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