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Clevira Tablets is Immune System Booster – A Healthier Life starts with a Stronger Immune System

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Clevira Tablets is the supportive treatment for mild to moderate COVID 19. Clevira Tablets are here to boost your immune system with its safe, herbal, natural, and clinically – researched Ayurvedic Herbs. Immunity towards diseases and other common conditions like cold and flu have a big impact on how healthy and productive a person can live.  Clevira Tablets is the simple and fastest way to boost your immune system and ward off disease-causing microorganisms. This antiviral Ayurvedic Medicine has immunity supplements that complement deficiencies in your lifestyle or diet.



  • The Immune System Booster Clevira Tablets is a convenient way to ensure that nutritional needs are met
  • Its anti-viral properties shield you against most viruses by building a better immune system
  • With no side –effects or drug reactions, Clevira Tablets increases your immunity, giving you more healthy days.


Erandakarkati, Mahanimba, Kalmegh, Usira, Patola, Musta, Maricha, Grismachatraka, Guduchi, & Sunthi.


In Adults  1 – 2 tablets twice daily.

14 reviews for Clevira Tablets

  1. Arul John

    Good Medicine, I am using it for a week. Now no pain, no fever. Feel very healthy.

  2. Gayathri Chandrasekar (verified owner)

    All of us in our family have been using it for nearly two weeks.. My skin allergy that had been there for years has somehow magically vanished after one week of consumption of the tablet..Proof that it works on immunity well..Hence recommending it to all family and friends now..It’s the fifth box that I am ordering now for a family member.

  3. Thiru Sudhakar


  4. 9840344433 (verified owner)

    Good health supplements… Please ensure availability at all local medical shops

  5. Sidarath

    Very good product. It should be distributed to all covid patients, it will help to recover fast without side effects.

  6. Mohamed irfan

    Really good,I also taken , now no fever,throat pain

  7. Murali Kumar S (verified owner)

    Very good medicine for COVID. Availability of the medicine should be ensured even smallest medical shops in village. More publicity to be give to make awareness of the uses and importance of this medicine. All our family members are talking this medicine. Even we are giving syrup to kids. Now I am ordering for my friends.
    Thanks to APEX.

  8. karthikiyar (verified owner)

    Very good medicine for Cold and cough, It worked really well. I should say that its a must have one in every home in this Covid times

  9. R.vivekananthan


  10. Venkatesh

    Awesome product. Life saving drug . No words but no stock any where . And no one is promoting it . Why ??

  11. p.krishnan

    good medicine


    very very good medicine for these pandemic situation…

  13. Dr subhojit jain

    Very good immunity booster,take as recommended dose,

  14. Divya

    My whole family suffered from viral fever, after taking Clevira we all feel well and active. It cures everyone early. It is easy to consume children as syrup. Thank you green milk for the amazing tablet & syrup.

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