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Under the diabetic care of one, one also needs to stipulate a substantial amount of attention to the foot care. For, the negligence of which leads to complaints of cracked heels, dry skin, ulceration of skin on the feet of the patient. To best combat such issues, one is advised to continually care for their feet, on a regular basis, with the help of a diabetic foot cream like DIAFC. Its herbal formulation helps render a repaired skin in case of damages as well as helps sustain a good health condition of the skin when used regularly.

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Orange Peel
Green Gram
Aloe vera


In the diabetic condition of a person, they tend to be much affected by diabetic foot. This happens due to a rise in the blood sugar level, further leading to nerve damage that cuts off the senses in your feet. Now when there is a cut or scrape on the skin of your feet, you wouldn’t readily feel it, prolonging the medical attention needed at that moment. But if you constantly take care of your feet: cleansing & moisturizing them using a diabetic foot care cream periodically, you will bypass the ill effects of a diabetic foot.

If you are unaware of where to start then try adding a diabetic foot cream into your daily routine. DIAFC foot care lotion will be the ideal product for your diabetic foot care routine. When it is incumbent on the patient to look after the outward health of their feet. Since, otherwise, their feet are prone to issues of cracks, infection and ulceration on exposure and engagement with the external environment regularly.

Made with the goodness of aloe vera for Vit E and Vit C supply, green gram for the exfoliation effect of dead skin removal as well as skin rejuvenation, orange peel for the benefit of a taut skin and strike of an oil balance, and mint extracts for a refreshed take of the epidermis of your skin.

The diabetic foot cream gives a good cleanse whilst enhancing the blood circulation in your feet. The herbal ingredients incorporated into the formulation shall help with faster healing of wounds or scrapes if any. They also bring forward the beneficial effect of nourishment owing to the naturally rich ingredients in it.

However may be the nutrient intake by your body to halt your system from taking a turn for the worse owing to diabetes, you are still unequipped unless you are topically administering your feet with a diabetic foot care cream.


  • It helps repair feet externally damaged by a diabetic condition.
  • It focuses its effect on the rejuvenation of the skin on your feet.
  • It sets you off on a skin regimen well enough to overcome and prevent diabetic foot.
  • It shall provide your feet with a clean, cool & refreshed feel.
  • It is a completely herbal solution at your disposal.

How To Use

Wash your feet first in warm water and let them dry out. Take a handful quantity of the foot care lotion and gently massage it over the surface of the skin on your feet. Keep massaging the herbal lotion into the skin until a point of full absorption by it. It is advisable for use up to 3 or 4 times a day or as recommended by your physician. 

Directions for use

Apply sufficient amount of DiaFC on both the feet 2-3 times daily.


For external use only. In case of irritation on application kindly wash away the application with plenty of water. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eye, immediately rinse with water thoroughly and contact your doctor.

Not to be applied on fresh wounds.


Please consult your healthcare provider for clarification.

27 reviews for DiaFC

  1. Nathiya Rajan

    This foot cream is really really effective. Easily spreadable. It smells so good. Apply it just before u go to bed.

  2. Kaviya Durai

    This cream is really nice. My feet was very hard and dry. I started using this regularly every night. I feel something has improved. The fragrance is nice and my feet is becoming soft now.

  3. Swathi Dharsini

    Really nice product. Made my foot more softer than before. The scent is really pleasant. Works really great for itchiness and dryness. Keeps my foot moisturized.

  4. Bimarasu Selvam

    I recommend my grandma to use this product. She is quite happy after using it.

  5. Manju maya

    The cream makes foot very soft and the quality is really good

  6. Suganthi

    Not greasy at all. It has a somewhat minty fragrance. Gives a cool effect to the feet. Liked it 🙂

  7. pragya

    Very good product i have noticed difference within a week, really good

  8. Mk

    This is value for money and really effective…atleast worked well for me and I am going to reorder 🙂

  9. Akhila

    I love the smell in this cream. Its heavenly. I apply it overnight and it does make your feet so soft the next morning.

  10. Neha

    Ordered this for one of my family member. After use of just 7 days, she had got more than 80% relief. Now her heels are free from pain and burning sensation and became smooth.
    Have to reorder again…

  11. Tanushree

    Amazing product. Can see a good difference within 7 days. Would recommend for sure…

  12. Latha

    Very effective product..Shows visible difference but the price is a little bit high

  13. Good Product

    Good Product

  14. Varsha murali

    Excellent quality, lovely scent. My feet love it!

  15. Preeti

    Very good quality…I m happy with it..

  16. Resmika

    It starts working from the first apply itself .. found my feet turn soft n smooth instantly .. definitely recommend it .

  17. Leela

    Im facing itchy feet past 1year and this Product is prescribed by the Doctor. Product is very Good and i suggested to my relatives also

  18. Vijayalakshmi

    It’s a great buy. Seeing a lot of difference in just two days.

  19. Geetha

    Amazing product
    Will buy again
    Best foot cream I’ve come across

  20. Akshara

    Very very effective cream.It has vanished my Itchness withing one week of use

  21. Nirmala

    Great product. It works

  22. Asha deepak

    I’ve just recently purchased it. Not many days since I’m using it but i can already tell that my heel cracks and itches have soften. A little on your finger ia enough for one heel, it spreads pretty nicely and has a lovely smell. It absorbs pretty quickly and stays on skin too, doesn’t wear off by socks. I’m happy with it.

  23. Sneha Patel

    It works for every one.. me n my husband using past 3 weeks,, we feel so happy. worth for buying it

  24. Reshma Hussain

    This foot cream works as wonder. Anyone can use and can see the result from day 1.i m using this in night before going to bed.
    This is the best foot cream.
    Recommend to every one

  25. Ashish barathwaj

    Really we will get soft feet like baby

  26. Shaji Mathew (verified owner)

    Really a good product…have seen changes in a weeks time…

  27. VIJAY MEHTA (verified owner)

    So beautiful very cool & comfortable

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