BestLin – Gel for Joint Pains 50 gm

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BESTLIN GEL is a herbally enriched formula for remediating a muscle sprain or cramp from excessive physical activity. Made wholly with naturally analgesic and anti-inflammatory herbs, it gives an immediate respite from the pain.

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The pain inflicted by a sore muscle after a session of workout or playing a sport does need special care. A handy pain balm or sorts comes to the rescue in circumstances of such painful conditions. A herbal preparation is set to be much more assistive therein. Plenty of medicinal plants dedicated to confronting issues of the muscle is employed for their active ingredients in making one such herbal pain relief gel. BESTLIN GEL is the best ayurvedic pain relief gel in India.

Whether it is a pain in the back as with lumbago which might have originated from maintaining a sitting posture for long hours at work; or pain from strain of muscle(s) generalized as myalgia that might have been forwarded by hard play at a sport or a   physical adventure. Applying the best gel for back pain derived by the use of many a herbal ingredient releases you of the discomfort of the muscles. The ingredients being,

Mahanarayana Thailam: a herbal compilation that best aids in maintaining an active way of life for the benefit of giving flexibility to one’s muscular system.

Kottamchukkadhi Thailam: a herbal oil finely suited to stimulating good health via enhancing blood circulation around joints. It is also associated with caring much for the natural movement of the muscles & joints.

Deodar Oil: a herbal recipe while attending to every medical condition of the muscle becomes an invaluable remedy to the muscles. From evicting the pain of muscle spasms, soreness to other inflammatory conditions, it rounds up the muscle care.

Gandhapura Thailam: a well-recommended ayurvedic formula for muscle or joint ache. One highlighted specificity of this oil is its quick absorption rate, further promoting faster relief.

Tarpain Thailam: is commonly termed as Turpentine oil that hosts a spectrum of health benefits amongst which pain relief is one. Its mechanism is to generate warmth and redness that contributes to pain alleviation from underneath the tissues.

Mash Thailam: Is based on the primary ingredient of Black Urad (Masha) whose innate properties promote therapeutic effects of cooling, calming the nerves, anti-inflammatory, demulcent and immunisation.

Kapoor Mass: is basically a counter-irritant substance in the context of external application. It does so by producing warmth thus increasing the blood flow, followed by cooling down owing to its cooling property as well, the combined effect of which effectively brings down the pain on application. It locates and reduces the inflammation at any point owning to its healing property.

Peppermint Satva: it is naturally a pain killer as well as a muscle relaxant. Further, studies have shown that peppermint oil say, either alone or alongside the mixture of other suitable herbs is deemed to be a reliable herbal remedy for issues of muscles & joints.

A single suitable solution for gymgoers, sportspersons, dancers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts in general. For any hurtful situation involving the muscle or joint: the best ayurvedic pain relief gel or the best gel for back pain is here as BESTLIN GEL.


  • It is a completely herbal formulation for regular use.
  • It facilitates pain-alleviation as a natural analgesic.
  • It eases the muscle when it is stiffened by physical strain.

How To Use

Take a blob of the gel and apply it over the region of muscle undergoing pain. Keep massaging on the same area until the gel gets absorbed into the skin to work its effect. For your regular use.


Consult your Health provider for suitable treatment in case of prolonged pain.

1 review for BestLin – Gel for Joint Pains 50 gm

  1. Karthiga

    Bestlin Gel was very helpful to get relief from joint pain. I was suffered from knee joint pain for many years, Bestlin gel was a good and fastest remedy. The Gel is odorless and non-greasy so I applied the gel and continued my work.

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