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Common cold leads to varied discomforts of headache, stuffy nose, phlegmy feel, cough and even suffocation on and off. A handy pain balm or oil definitely comes to the rescue of one in those circumstances. GREEN MILK PAIN OIL is an instant ayurvedic formulation with the compounded goodness of lavang, peppermint, karpura among others.

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Acute Coryza, simply known to us as Common Cold is the most prevalent medical complaint throughout generations. It is caused by virus of a spectrum of species making it almost impossible to become resistant against. It is more practical to foster sustainable measures to overcome the symptoms, or even employ herbal devices to remedy the cold itself as and when it occurs.

For long our traditional household has preached of turning to Ayurveda or incorporating such ingredients, commonly available to us, into the routine so as to develop as much immunity as one’s system shall muster. GREEN MILK Pain Oil is one of the best pain relief oils for headache as well as a herbal formula for instant relief from cold.

Made with the ayurvedic goodness of a collection of medicinal plants as,

Peppermint Satva: the presence of the compound, rosmarinic acid, in it lessens histamine reaction of the body resulting in avoidance of the factors like irritated, stuffy nose and sneezing from popping up.

Karpura: nature’s decongestant effective against respiratory problems such as bronchitis, cough and cold. It works its effect by reducing the difficulty with breathing as well as chest congestion. Additionally, it displays the property of an expectorant: promotes higher secretion of mucus to essentially soothe the irritated respiratory tract.

Gandhapura Thailam:  a compound called Methyl Salicylate brings forward the soothing property to the oil. Its application mocks the effect of an aspirin making it one effective pain killer.

Tailaparna Oil: carries the gains of cineole or eucalyptol which is an expectorant. The cineole boosts respiratory health.

Yavanisatva: or botanically called Trachyspermium Ammi is another herb of the hour by virtue of its characteristics such as antitussive- in common terms, cold suppressants which relieve cough by suppressing the premise of a cough, and bronchodilator- promoters of easier breathing via relaxation of lung muscles and dilation of airways addressed as bronchi.

Lavanga Taila: or the oil of clove is a multi-beneficial medicinal spice. It provides the benefits of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic and immunity boosters in general. In case of a cold, the consumption of clove or its oil will suffice as an expectorant foremost.

Devadharu: amongst many a good trait of this herbal tree, it first acts as an expectorant by removing mucus from the respiratory tract and relieving cough. An added medical benefit being its ability to manage fever by inducing perspiration rightful of its diaphoretic nature.

Jathipala: another herb to the aid of cold and cough.

With a wholesome ayurvedic formulation as in GREEN MILK PAINOIL, instant relief from cold becomes a possible matter of health. A premier product in oils for headache solely made from herbal preparation.


  • An ayurvedic painkiller in times of cold and headache.
  • A portable and handy product for use anytime & anywhere.
  • An effective pain oil entirely made of herbal ingredients.

How To Use

Roll the bottle over the surface of the temple and forehead while experiencing headache, apply behind ears and under the nose in case of a cold.


Consult your health provider in absence of productive outcome on an extended period of usage.

3 reviews for Pain Oil – 8ml (Pack of 6)

  1. Dineshkumar

    It’s work was good and instantly

  2. Rani

    I was suffering from frequent headaches and tired of trying different pain oils. Finally, my colleague suggested using Green Milk pain Oil. After trying this oil I felt complete relief instantly. It’s one of the best oils for headaches.

  3. Ramya

    One of the good products I got from the GreenmilkConcepts. Its Realy Very effective oil which will get Instant relief from Cold and Headache. 5-10minutes you will get relief after applying It. No pungent smell. Its almost odderless. I like this product and I keep buying it from

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