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Increase Immunity and Enjoy better Health

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Immunit is the natural substitute for all your vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Its composition of Ayurvedic herbs, gives your body the best protection against bacteria and viruses by strengthening your immune system.  If you are someone who is prone to frequent cough and cold or illness of any type, Immunit is your partner to better health.  It increases IgN antibodies and decreases the load of viruses in the body.


  • More healthier days –Immunit aids in antibody production giving your body the strength to fight infections. It’ Ayurvedic medicinal properties give you a better immune system.
  • Immune Booster – It’s proven formula enhances bone marrow cellularity and the total White Blood Cells count
  • Improve Immunity- Improving immunity is the only way to stay clear of every type of disease. Playing a big role in enabling disease fighting White Blood cells, Immunit modulates humoral and cell-mediated immune responsiveness.



Lasuna, Nimba, Thulsi, Amalaki, Asvagandha, Guduchi, & Kalmegh.


1 to 2 Tablets two times a day or as directed by the physiciian.


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