Femigard Gold Tablets

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A healthy Woman is a Healthy Family

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Stay strong and healthy for yourself and your family with Femigard. A women’s life is very demanding on every front. From family, to work, to children and all the changes that a woman goes through from puberty to menopause, it becomes essential to keep nourishing the body with essential vitamins and minerals to go through all these cycles with ease. Femigard offers the best solution towards menstrual healthcare while giving the women strength to fight fatigue during the entire cycle of her periods.


  • Improve Health – Femigard is packed with essential Ayurvedic Medicines and herbs to better a woman’s health giving her better strength.
  • Fights Fatigue – The menstrual cycle time is extremely draining on a woman’s mental and physical strength. Femigrad helps in alleviating this stress by giving the woman better nourishment to fight fatigue
  • Natural and no side effects – The benefits of Asoka, Lodhra, Ashwagandha, Shunti and many other Ayurvedic herbs has soothing and strengthening effect on a woman’s body.


Gairika, Yashada bhasmam, Mucktasucti bhasmam, Mandhura bhasmam, Asoka, Lodhra, Shunthi, Satavari,  Jatamanshi, Punarnava, Gokshuru, Haritaki, Usher, Kamal, Vasa, Vata, Devadharu, KokMaksha, Amalaki, Jeera,  Nagakesar, Lavang, Kankola, & Shalmali.


1-2 tablets twice daily for 3 cycles or as directed by the Physician.


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