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Arthritis is a painful condition and Ayurveda has the magical herbs to help you cope through the pain and enjoy a pain free and active life. The best medicine for joint inflammation treatment, Ortiset is the best pain action Ayurvedic medicinal preparation that works on the muscles and ligaments around the joint strengthening and lubricating them relieving you of pain.


  • Natural with no side effects: It’s natural and Ayurvedic herbs with you no side effects if taken in the right dosage.
  • Freedom from pain: Ortiset has anti-inflammatory properties which helps in reducing inflammation and pain around the joints increasing flexibility and mobility.
  • Best for Arthritis treatment – With herbs such as Guggulu, Ashwagandha, Mahabala, Nirgundi and many more, Ortiset has essential Ayurvedic herbs with medicinal value that treat and decrease the severity of Arthritis.


Sallaki, Mahabala, Asvagandha, Guggul, Nirgundi, Asthisarnhara, Rasna, Haridra, & Suhthi.


1 tablet thrice daily or as directed by physician. Ortiset should be used continuously for 8-10 weeks for better results.


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