Green Milk Bestlin – 90 ml (Pack of 2)

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A common complaint among the elderly demographic is a joint ache or muscle pain as a result of their lifelong usage of it. Though, an effort made toward pain management shall help them carry on through it. BESTLIN OIL is a polyherbal formulation rendering the service of painlessness to older people.

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Joint pain is very commonly observed among people in senility. This is only their depleting health catching up with them. But there is likely a remedial measure to ease them out of the recurring pain. The usual medical advice imparted to senior citizens requires them to generously oil their joints using a liniment composed of compounds associated with pain relief. Though, our recommendation emphasises administering ayurvedic oil for leg pain or joint pain wherein the Ayurveda plays a much eminent role in the matter of alleviating geriatric joint pain.

The BESTLIN OIL is the best ayurvedic oil for knee joint pain in much older adults. Made using only ayurvedic resources as

Mahanarayana Thailam: attends to the arthritic disorders specifically osteoarthritis where it adds strength to the bones & muscles, facilitates much higher flexibility in the joints as well as lowers the inflammation of the joints thusly giving relief in instances of knee joint pain.

Kottam Chukkadhi Thailam: it assists in reducing the numbness & stiffness in neurological and joint disorders. It works at a deeper level to deflect any possible symptoms arising from cases of arthritis and spondylosis. It benefits much especially in case of a sprain of the neck or the ankle. It does also offer relief from muscle pains.

Deodar Oil: is an analgesic herb that has in its offering, numerous benefits concerning muscles & joints. Its rich trade includes palliative remedies in the case of an autoimmune disease of rheumatoid arthritis.

Nilagiri Thailam- Essential Oil: it can render the service of dispelling pain marked by conditions of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It may well aid in your recovery from an injury of the muscle or that of the joint.

Tarpain Thailam- Essential Oil: is your commonly heard turpentine oil that gives out a range of health benefits amongst which muscle pain alleviation is inclusive.

Mash Thailam: is a herbal concoction on its own for positive impact against terrible factors leading up to a medical case of adhesive capsulitis colloquially known as cold shoulder, or muscle weakening that is an effect of inactivity of the muscle germane to old age.

Karpoor- Mass: a herbal antispasmodic agent that works against pain & discomfort sprouting from a muscle spasm or joint problems by stimulating the nerve endings responsible for relief from it.

The additive effort of all the aforementioned medicinal herbs fetches you the best ayurvedic oil for knee joint pain or the top ayurvedic oil for leg pain, all in one, in the form of GMC BESTLIN OIL. The allround herbal liniment comes in handy for aged people in their time of pain from worn-out muscle system which is imaginably quite often.


  • It tries to assuage the pain in the muscles and joints.
  • It attends to an erratic spasm or stiffness.
  • It is thoroughly herbal.

How To Use

Take a generous quantity of the BESTLIN OIL in your hand and apply it on the area of muscle or joint giving pain. Keep massaging the same spot until there is an adequate absorption of oil by the skin. Follow up with the massage ritual daily for efficient pain management.


Apply the liniment on the affected area and gently massage.


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