Haridra Tablets – Skin & Respiratory Care

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Free yourself from respiratory and skin allergies.

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This unique combination of Ayurvedic medicinal herbs in Haridra gives you freedom from all types of respiratory and skin allergies. Allergens in the air and food we eat often irritate the respiratory system or the skin. Most allergens are quick to react on the skin with rashes and the respiratory system causing breathing problems. Haridra works to eliminate the harmful allergens and gives your immune system the necessary boost to fight these allergens and avoid its symptoms.


  • Herbal Skin Care – The skin is very vulnerable to allergens in the environment and Haridra aids in helping fight them by providing better skin care the herbal way
  • Respiratory Care- Soothing and protecting the respiratory tract from harm causing allergens, Haridra is a natural agent that helps to keep your nasal and lung tissues healthy
  • Home care for Allergies – With anti-allergic and anti-microbial properties it also has the benefits of Aushadh Ghana and Curcuma longa making it a safe and natural Ayurvedic medicine to consume.


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