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Clevira Syrup

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Clevira Syrup is Immune System Booster – A Healthier Life starts with a Stronger Immune System

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Clevira Syrup is here to boost your immune system with its safe, herbal, natural and clinically –researched Ayurvedic Herbs. Immunity towards diseases and other common conditions like cold and flu have a big impact on how healthy and productive a person can live.  Clevira Syrup is the simple and fastest way to boost your immune system and ward off disease causing microorganisms. This antiviral Ayurvedic Medicine has immunity supplements which complement for deficiencies in your lifestyle or diet.



  • The Immune System Booster Clevira Syrup is a convenient way to ensure that nutritional needs are met
  • Its anti-viral properties shield you against most viruses by building a better immune system
  • With no side –effects or drug reactions, Clevira Syrup increases your immunity, giving you more healthy days.


Erandakarkati, Mahanimba, Kalmegh, Usira, Patola, Musta, Maricha, Grismachatraka, Guduchi, & Sunthi.


In Children: 2.5 ml – 5 ml twice daily.

In Adults: 15 ml twice daily.

18 reviews for Clevira Syrup

  1. Radhakrishnan


  2. Radhakrishnan


  3. Balaji

    Healing and better recovery. Thanks to apex

  4. Krishnan T

    Clevira /200ml syrub

  5. sundar3030 (verified owner)

    Good one.. suggesting and ordering more for friends and family

  6. J.elcirani


  7. Dhanu Raman

    Reàlly works

  8. TSN

    Hats of the good hearted people who helped in preparing the product and ensure that it reaches to all the citizens which is a boon in saving many lives that are put at risk

  9. C s senthilkumar subbaiyan


  10. Vignesh

    Really great

  11. Riyaz Ahamed

    Nice benefit

  12. Riyaz Ahamed

    Good effect

  13. Riyaz Ahamed

    Good benefit

  14. Vijayakumar

    Hope it is protecting us in the current situation Thanks

  15. Murali Kumar S (verified owner)

    Excellent medicine for covid. It saved our family members life from covid


    Good immunity booster

  17. Jaffar.M

    Super effect for stomach pain, indigestion …..using more than 2 years more than 100 bottles consumed…..pls continue this medicine syrup base…Thanks a lot…saves in trauma….

  18. R Kingsly (verified owner)

    I have used for my kids 4yr old and 8yr old. It really works to boost immunity and recover from cold cough and cold.

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