Valentine’s Day Special Combo

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1 Green Milk Hair oil
1 Green Milk Goat Milk Soap

Green Milk Hair Oil


With a well –researched and tested Ayurvedic Hair care formula, Green Milk Hair Oil, restores hair making your hair grow thicker and longer. Hair fall is a common problem that has a variety of reasons. Age, Stress, unhealthy scalp and lack of protein or essential vitamins.


    Restores hair – Green Milk Hair Oil restores hair by reducing hair fall and breakage of hair
    Nourishes the hair roots – The Hair Oil is best known to deeply nourish the scalp and hold on to the hair roots firmly.
    Rich in herbs – Bhringraj, Amla, Hibiscus, Mehandi and Rose petals make it the best hair care oil. The goodness of the Ayurvedic herbs is sure to bring back the shine and thickness to your hair with repeated use.

Goats Milk Soap

Goat’s milk has natural properties which removes dead cells from the skin, because it contains alpha-hydroxy acid such as the lactic acid which makes your skin look smoother and younger looking. This important element breaks the bond that holds on to the dead skin cells eliminating many conditions that cause acne and skin irritation.

Goat’s milk soap also gives the skin radiance because of its unique balance of minerals and vitamins particularly Vitamin A that plays a big role in repairing damaged skin tissue and preventing acne. The soap is also best suited for acne skin care.


    Moisturizing – With the best moisturizing properties, Goat’s Milk Soap which contains fat molecules prevents the drying of skin
    Anti- tan properties- The Goat’s Milk Soap can keep away the harmful effects of the sun and protect your skin working like a sun screen
    Skin- Lightening – Goat’s Milk also helps to lighten and brighten the skin because of the ample vitamins and mineral composition.



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