Green Milk Kabasura Kudineer 50g (Pack of 2)

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A natural immune booster in the form of a coarse powder carrying the herbal properties of a cluster of ingredients widely known to be effective in cases as small as a common cold to something fatally intense as the infection of Covid-19. The GMC Kabasura Kudineer from Apex is an effective product in line with the Siddha formulary of India to help you in building a natural resistance to viral infections.

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Some foods that naturally build immunity in one’s system is also a straight out form of preventive nutrition of our region. It is known that our traditional system of care for our health includes many an ingredient that amp up the resistance against destructive foreign bodies visiting our system.

One such mixture of ayurvedic ingredients consumed to stave off viral infection as with the flu or respiratory disease is the Green Milk Concepts Kabasura Kudineer powder online. A traditional siddha formula ensuring its efficacy for ages now. It has been studied of having four components that create a fighting impact when our system is overwhelmed by the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (Sars-CoV-2). The GMC Kabasura Kudineer online is a product of apex which is just as preventively stimulant as the age-old make of the formula.

As one can see for themselves, its ingredients: Chukku, which is essentially dried ginger powder that usually clears off chest congestion whilst boosting the immunity of the system; alongside thipili, a decongestant herb that flushes the mucus out of the respiratory tract for clean functioning; Ilavanagam, a familiar spice of our traditional kitchen that carries within so many supplementary properties regulating overall good health; Kapooravalli, a minty herb that places a lot of health benefits to its user such as actuating its anti-viral properties on a run-in with the viruses; amongst others are collectively concretely effective against the respiratory category of a virus.  

Proven effective in relatively many cases of Covid-19 infection, buy kabasura kudineer powder online for intake twice a day or as recommended by your physician. You can consume the decoction of the coarse powder while it is still hot in order to reap the said benefits. In the preventive measure of dealing with a viral infection, one is advised to procure kabasura kudineer online and drink its solution regularly to keep off of any symptoms of the infection.


  • It generally boosts your overall immunity.
  • It proves quite effective in fact against the Sars-Cov-2 virus.
  • It can be used to remedy a common cold or a cough.
  • It tends to keep your respiratory system healthy on regular consumption.

How To Use

Take a teaspoon’s amount of coarse powder and boil it in the water of adequate measure. Boil the contents for quite a while as needed to extract maximum essence. And drink up the herbal water while it is hot to a limit consumable. Take a drink twice daily or as per the recommendation of your healthcare provider.


Store in a dry place and transfer all the contents of the package into an airtight container for long shelf life.


Not a medicine, only a herbal supplement.

10 reviews for Green Milk Kabasura Kudineer 50g (Pack of 2)

  1. Dipti Divakaran


  2. Senthil Kumar

    The product is very good and is helpful in building immunity. We can feel the difference after having it continuously for 7 days. It has a divine smell, even though it is bitter it does its job correctly and effectively.

  3. Kumaran

    It’s a good product for this corona time and the ingredients are natural. The type of packing is good and value for money

  4. Anand Raj

    Wow, amazing delivered well before the estimated time, it’s a genuine product and very useful for the current scenario if taken consistently. I would highly recommend this brand for excellent service and product.

  5. Ganesan K

    Excellent product with Aesthetic packing. Value for money

  6. Bharanidharan

    Very good and effective my throat irritation gone after 3days of using this product 👌

  7. Madhu

    Good one. We prepared kabasuba kudineer as per the details given in the pack and drank it. It is a little bit bitter but seems to be good for health. Highly recommended.

  8. Kiran

    Good quality. Value for money.

  9. Suresh Babu

    Its very Effective



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