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Chyavanaprasa Avaleha is one of the Ayurvedic traditional formulations that consist of about 48 natural ingredients. Green Milk Chyawan Gummies incorporated with an Ayurvedic traditional formulation Chyavanaprasa Avaleha into gummies that are rich in antioxidants and give many health benefits as a supplement in conditions  like Cough, Loss of appetite, the ailment of the throat, Immunity, Vitamin C supplementation, General health, etc.

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Made from selected natural ingredients this yummy gummy is perfectly formulated to enhance the body’s ability to improve health. Give yourself the benefits of 48 Natural Ingredients. Support your body’s immune system and improve your health. These chyawan gummies will give you all the goodness and nutrients tasting like candy.

Each pack of cartons has 30 Gummies with 10 No. each of Cranberry, Orange, Lemon & Ginger Flavour.


Relieves Cough – Cough is a way of responding to the body when something irritates the throat or airway, postnasal drip, asthma, and acid reflux. Green Milk Chyawan Gummies contain rich in tannins that regulate the Gastrointestinal tract and immune modulator properties to overcome the asthmatic condition and protect the throat from cough.

Better Immune System – Dyspnoea also called shortness of breath or breathlessness, can be a result of Lung, Heart, Metabolic ailment, Vascular and Neuromuscular ailments. Green Milk Chyawan Gummies modulate the immune system and improve the health of many internal organs.

Helps maintain a healthy appetite – The medical term for a loss of appetite is anorexia. Green Milk Chyawan Gummies improve digestion and induce appetite.

Rejuvenate Cells – It helps in the process of replacement of aged or damaged cells or tissues. Rich in Antioxidants, the Green Milk Chyawan Gummies scavenges free radicals and remove dead cell and restore the health of the body.


  1. Aegle marmelos
  2. Premna integrifolia
  3. Oroxyllum indicum
  4. Gmelina Arborea
  5. Stereospermum suaveolens
  6. Sida cordifolia
  7. Desmodium gangeticum
  8. Uraria picta
  9. Paseolus trilobus
  10. Teramnus labialis
  11. Piper longum
  12. Tribulus terrestris
  13. Solanum indicum
  14. Solanum suratense
  15. Pistacia integrimma
  16. Phyllanthus amarus
  17. Vitis vinifera
  18. Leptadenia reticulata
  19. Inula racemosa
  20. Aquiloria agallocha
  21. Terminalia chebula
  22. Tinospora cordifolia
  23. Habenaria intermedia
  24. Malaxis acuminate
  25. Malaxis musifera
  26. Hedychium spicatum
  27. Cyperus rotundus
  28. Boerhhavia diffusa
  29. Polygonum cirrhifolium
  30. Elettaria cardamon
  31. Santalum album
  32. Nymphaea stellata
  33. Puraria tuberosa
  34. Adhatosa vasica
  35. Lilium polyphyllum
  36. Martynia annua
  37. Phyllanthus emblica
  38. Water
  39. Clarified Cow’s Milk Butter
  40. Sesamum indicum
  41. Sugar
  42. Honey
  43. Bambusa bambos
  44. Cinnamomum zeylanicum
  45. Eletaria cardamomum
  46. Cinnamomum tamala
  47. Mesua ferrea

Other Ingredients:

  • Pectin
  • Sucrose
  • Liquid Glucose
  • Citric Acid
  • Complex B
  • Tri Sodium Citrate
  • Natural Identical Food Colours – Sunset Yellow FCF (INS 110),
  • Tartrazine Yellow (INS 102) & Poceau 4R (INS 124).

How to Use

1-2 Gummies, two times a day or as directed. To be Chewed / Bitten and not to be swallowed.

Storage Directions: Store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight.  ​

7 reviews for Green Milk Chyawan Gummies

  1. Ravi Kumar

    Very good quality. It is worth buying.

  2. Anil sharma

    I feel energetic after take this Gummy also the packaging is good

  3. Manu

    I’ve been taking these gummies for one week and I feel better already, it’s Easy to consume 👍

  4. Riyas

    Delivery sucks, Please try to delivery as mentioned address….

  5. Divya Tejwani

    These are so tasty. I used to hate Chyawanprash as a child and would always avoid it but now I know about its health benefits and I’m so glad I found these gummies that are so easy to consume. Love them.

  6. Karina

    i have been giving them to my kids regularly and they love them, they also feel more energetic and their immunity is improveed.

  7. Anoop Kumar


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