Introduction – Haircare:

The length and health of hair begin with natural hair oil, and herbal ingredients have proven to be of great help over the years.

Everybody – both men and women – are stressed about hair fall. Myths abound about haircare; some border on crazy such that avoiding brushing the hair daily could help reduce hair fall.

While heredity can contribute, work-life imbalance, food, pollution, and poor quality of life could add to the problem.

There are many chemical-based hair oils in the market with less than impressive results. Moreover, applying toxic chemicals to your hair could damage it beyond repair.


Ayurvedic Hair Care:

GMC herbal hair oil has poly-herbal ingredients such as Hibiscus, Amla, Brngaraja, Neem, Methi, and more in the base of coconut oil.

GMC Ayurvedic intensive hair treatment oil is made with the finest Hibiscus, which contains essential nutrients for hair growth and prevents premature greying. Brngaraja promotes hair growth and also acts as a disinfectant. Neem and Methi control dandruff and are suitable for preventing severe dandruff and dry scalp.

The coconut base in this nourishing earthy oil protects the scalp and energizes the scalp for healthy hair growth. It gets easily absorbed by your scalp and promotes blood circulation in the scalp.  

GMC brings you a paraben-free hair oil made from 100% herbal extracts to prevent hair fall and to help add volume to your hair. In addition, the herbal cocktail protects you from future damage, breakage, and split ends that could result in permanent hair damage.  

 Apply a generous amount of this Ayurvedic and natural hair oil to the scalp in a massaging motion. Leave it on the scalp to let the nutrients seep in for 30 minutes (suggested) before washing it off under lukewarm water. This herbal formula provides bounce and shine naturally to your hair while adding volume.

 Let us list the 5 benefits of Green Milk Hair Oil:

  • Protects the scalp.
  • Prevents hair loss.
  • Promotes blood circulation in the scalp.
  • Provides bounce and shine naturally
  • Protects your hair from damage such as breakage and split ends

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