Is there a natural immune defense?

Did you know that there are two types of immune systems?

Innate immune system:  We are born with this natural immunity.

Adaptive immune system:  This is the component we develop after exposure to microbes.

In the current pandemic situation, dare I say it, adequate innate and adaptive immunity could be the difference between life and death. But, unfortunately, the algorithm around “I’m immune enough” is breaking. As a result, it is prudent that we faithfully take care of our body’s immune cells present throughout our body, including the tonsils, lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow, and adenoids.


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How Does Immunity Work?

Immunity works on four principles:

  • Ability to detect and ward off the foreign body
  • Recognize own cells
  • The memory of previous infections
  • Limiting response after removal of pathogens

How much immunity is enough? This is a brave and vital question, but do we have an answer? The fear of lacking immunity should force you to choose the right course of action.

It’s no wonder millions go down the drain every year on wasteful drugs that leave you with side effects that you never bargained for. It’s truly misguided to pay for something you discard for want of results.

We must consume nutritious food and pursue a healthy lifestyle to adapt to the fast-changing environment around the world to safeguard our immunity.

Nature Power 

Feeling good about yourself gives you a load of confidence, but confidence requires a strong foundation.

If you are passionate about protecting your health, the tantalizing prospect of boosting immunity while eluding side effects would be too tempting for you to ignore.

Kalmegh – King of Bitter

Kalmegh is a distinguished medicinal plant of the Ayurvedic medicine system, and it grows wild throughout tropical India and other Southeast Asian countries.

Every part of the plant is bitter in taste and is rightly called the King of Bitter.

As per Ayurvedic scriptures, Kalmegh is helpful for various ailments related to vitiated Pitta/ Kapha in the liver, skin, and intestine.

The Five Benefits of Kalmegh 

The Immune System Booster: Green Milk Kalmegh tablet is a convenient way to shield against most viruses by boosting strength, building a better immune system, and giving you healthier days.

Anti-Viral:  It provides anti-viral and immune support and has anti-viral and anti-bacterial characteristics, which help reduce fever, cold, and cough.

Liver Protection:  Kalmegh has hepato-protective and hepato-stimulative properties and helps treat liver-related diseases. As per Ayurvedic principles, an aqueous extract of Kalmegh is used for jaundice.

Digestion Support: Andrographis (Kalmegh) has a bitter taste that aids digestion and prevents the formation of flatulence and toxic waste in the body. It is also an appetite stimulant as it helps detoxify the digestive system and improve appetite. Kalmegh also helps to treat stomach ulcers.

Ayurvedic and Herbal: It is natural, 100% herbal, contains no toxic chemicals, and causes no untoward side effects.

Natural Immune Defense From Kalmegh

Imagine a tree taking on the sun to comfort others; Kalmegh fights the microbes, environmental health hazards, etc., to protect us and strengthen immunity naturally.

Green Milk Concepts – The Treasure Trove of Herbs

Green Milk Concepts is the outcome of years of research on classical herbal medicine and authentic ayurvedic formulations. We strive to deliver nature care products of international standards, tried and tested in our modernized laboratories.

We use non–prescription formulas with predictive modeling, innovation, and clinical validation – making them uniquely original. With years of deep research into classical herbal ingredients and their practical use, our products are naturally safe with no side effects.

Our products contain herbal extracts to ensure the perfect dose in every tablet. In addition, they are manufactured in safe and hygienic conditions. Our entire manufacturing line has the certification from GMP for good manufacturing practices.

We do not harm animals in the development process of our products.

Invest in nature. Order Kalmegh Tablets today for a healthy tomorrow.

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