About Us


apex laboratories limited was established in the 1978 and manufactures and markets branded formulations. The company is a pioneer in zinc based formulations and very popularly known in India as the “zinc people”. Currently having a 1000 strong team, apex has been a brand leader in multi vitamin mineral supplements segment and ranked among the fast growing pharma companies in India. The company’s products have been consistently rated among the top performing brands in its segment. Also the branded formulations of the company are being exported to quite a few developing countries in South East Asia and Africa. The company has an all-India presence with a dynamic sales & marketing team in all locations and a well-knit distribution network across the country forming the integral part of the organization. Having a track record of consistent and steady growth, the company has shown a remarkable growth in the recent period with a turn over in the tune of INR 1000 millions.

The company has ambitiously forayed in to Green Milk Concepts, the herbal venture with the vision of extending the noble medicinal values of herbal treasures globally for the treatment of critical ailments using modern formulator principles.

The products are being promoted ethically and have been well accepted by the medical fraternity, in all the territories launched so far. This division will have an all-India presence and the products will be made available to the global market in the near future. Green Milk Concepts will be another success story from apex family.